Next Level Games Inc.

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Number of Employees: 114 Head Office: Vancouver

“Creating a personal development plan here isn’t about figuring out what work you’re going to do over the year – it’s actually about you personally”

Before Next Level moved offices in early fall this year, every employee was given an opportunity to make suggestions for layout and design of the new space. Since it was a brand-new space, no suggestion was dismissed. It’s just one example of attention to employee satisfaction in an industry known for long hours and employee burnout. While many employees at this developer of video

games for Xbox, Wii and PlayStation cite their employer’s respect for family and personal lives, it’s Next Level’s attention to professional development that really stands out. In annual reviews, staff aren’t asked what job skills they’d like to pick up but about personal skills, like perhaps conflict resolution or presentation skills. And their goals are tracked through the year with regular meetings. Click here to look at the next winner