October Style: In for Lunch

A homemade lunch can be a real money saver, but glamorous it’s not.


A homemade lunch can be a real money saver, but glamorous it’s not.

That said, a wealth of cheerful and practical food storage systems mean brown bagging can rise above its dun-coloured moniker. With very little effort, and even less expenditure, what you carry your lunch in could conceivably eclipse what’s inside. At least that’s the dream for Vancouver-based Aberrant Designs, makers of three of this month’s featured items: the Banana Guard, the S’wich Guard and the Froot Case. Aberrant’s co-founders recently wrestled a $60,000-investment from the panellists on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, proving that saving money can pay dividends. 

Clockwise from bottom left:

1. PC Home Ceramic To-Go Cup, $9.99, presidentschoice.ca

2. PC Home BPA-Free Water Bottle, $3.99, presidentschoice.ca

3. Old Navy patterned stainless steel water bottle, $7.50, oldnavy.ca

4. PC Home stainless vacuum flask, $9.99, presidentschoice.ca

5. PC Home disposable cutlery set, $3.99 (36 pieces), presidentschoice.ca

6. Ikea Pruta food storage containers, $4.99 (17-piece set), ikea.ca

7. PC Home Mini Stainless Water Bottle, $5.99, presidentschoice.ca

8. Mepal food boxes, $14.99, the Market Kitchen, 604-681-7399 

Cupcake holder, $6.99, the Market Kitchen, 604-681-7399 

10. Banana Guard S’wich Guard, $6.99, the Market Kitchen, 604-681-7399

11. Banana Guard, $6.99, and small Froot Case, $4.99, bananaguard.com

12. Onyx insulated aluminum tiffin, $29.99, the Market Kitchen, 604-681-7399