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One of the World’s Fastest Growing Clubs

The effectiveness of the .CLUB domain name has caught the attention of everyone from professional associations to sports teams to pop stars

How big is .CLUB’s impact?

So big that Demi Lovato and 50 Cent are users and promoting it to others.
So big that within the first six months of being available, over 150,000 .CLUB domain names had been registered, making it one of the fastest-growing domains in the world.

So big that one million registrations are expected within two years.

The days of .com and .ca’s exclusivity are gone, as a flood of new web address types has arrived: the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has approved 1,300 applications, of which about 400 are now available. Despite the growing number of web addresses, .CLUB has withstood the competition. The reason for its success?

Although the domain is appropriate for a variety of groups such as sports teams, community groups, student clubs, hobby groups and professional associations, it is equally suited for any organization that caters to people who share a common affinity.

At a time when groups are forming interest-focused clubs on a daily basis, .CLUB provides organizations an effective way to create and nurture community relationships online. From student leadership groups to running loyalty programs, .CLUB quickly conveys the nature and purpose of an organization.

Due to the large influx of new real estate online, big brands are now scrambling to secure domain names that describe who they are in broad terms. Businesses and organizations that strongly associate with ‘club’ should consider .CLUB as an effective way to promote a program, engage with communities and stand out in a web full of .com websites.