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BCBusiness 34F Design Inc.

Credit: 34F

34F Design is reshaping the business landscape, staying competitive with creativity and community focus.

The business rules have changed again. In today’s world, staying true your business model is foundational to being creative and maintaining the status quo. As businesses partner to survive COVID 19’s impact, what is the new baseline? How does one compete? How does a business maintain an edge when the lines are blurry?

These are ideas Erica Wickes, owner and principal at 34F Design, tabled at the Vancouver-based commercial design firm’s strategic planning session in November.

“It’s important in setting one’s self apart to stop talking and start doing,” Wickes says. “A vaccine is here. It’s important to maintain a positive mindset and scale accordingly based on business activity. What expectations will there be to take that on and move forward into a fast-track world again?”

Her team has seamlessly applied foundational business strategies, beginning with the ability to build for scalability, be nimble, and effectively adapt.

“We aren’t afraid of that,” she says. “In fact, we have been training for this our whole lives.”

Pushing boundaries

In November, the company launched 34F We Care—an initiative to raise awareness and funding for various charities, beginning with the Greater Vancouver Foodbank, Blanket BC and Backpack Buddies.

“This is one way to stop talking and start doing,” Wickes says. “We lead through shared knowledge, by educating ourselves and putting our credentials to work.”

In November, Wickes accepted Greg Ould’s board invitation to become an Angel Advisor and assist Blanket BC in elevating the non-profit organization and achieving registered charity status. She also took initiative to think ahead and become a member of Women Get on Board, a member-based company that connects, promotes and empowers women to corporate boards.

Wickes reached out to David Long at the Greater Vancouver Foodbank to book 34F Volunteer Days in 2021, part of 34F’s initiative to further help and give back.

“One visit to Greater Vancouver Foodbank’s facility educated me about the importance of food and the level support we need to employ to truly help those in need,” Wickes says. “I have set goals for 34F’s post-COIVD 19 initiatives to support these organizations, and I can’t wait to share them with the community.”

Wickes is only getting started. She continues to brainstorm new ways to support the other charities, and she calls on the business community in BC to join her in thinking creatively to make an important difference. It takes a community to make things happen for the greater good.

“This is how we are showcasing our creativity,” Wickes says. “We are finding unique, meaningful ways to help more of the community be successful and reach new heights.”

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