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Personal Touch and Full Service Sets Fusion Security Apart

BCBUSINESS + FUSION SECURITY Company looks at the big picture to deliver complete safety in an evolving market



Fusion Security is locally owned and its team prides itself on being able to work closely with clients to fulfil any security need.

Company looks at the big picture to deliver complete safety in an evolving market

What does it take for a business to be safe? It’s a question more salient than ever for company owners and management, especially as companies grow their assets.

Security cameras are one option. Locks are vital. And if the business is a vulnerable construction site or factory, guards may be a necessity.

Unfortunately, the security industry is dominated by specialists who provide only one type of solution, when even the lay businessperson instinctively knows that a holistic approach to safety — along with an integration of various elements — is required.

Burnaby-based Fusion Security is the preferred choice for a wide range of clients. Fusion specializes in all aspects of security: from personnel, mobile patrols and response, to electronic system installation, monitoring, and hardware.

Equally crucial to client safety is Fusion’s focus on risk assessment.

“It’s important to understand not only the client’s business but also the neighbourhood in which that business operates,” explains Fusion president Bruce Marginson. “What is the crime rate and what type of crimes take place? Everything must be analysed and understood in order for us to provide an integrated range of services containing the most effective elements.”

Fusion Vice-president Harry Stausgaard adds: “The programs we create on behalf of our clients also take into account that businesses — as well as the neighbourhood dynamics — could easily change over time, requiring either a stepping up or a reduction of security.”

Just as security risks are plentiful and ever changing, so too must be the solutions. Customized solutions have distinguished the company since its inception over a decade ago and which arose from Marginson, Stausgaard and other personnel having spent more than 30 years keeping people, property and information safe — and determining the most effective methods of doing so.

A highly selective hiring process, as well as due diligence to acquire and retain the best staff through generous, performance-based compensation are several distinguishing features of the company. This is especially beneficial to clients, considering the security industry in Canada is growing so rapidly that there is a challenge in hiring quality employees.

“Manpower is one of the costliest components of security, so we ensure our clients get the best,” says Marginson.

It is crucial to be up to date on the latest news, technological developments, and best practices in the security industry.

“Demonstrating value is key, and we will not do anything unnecessarily,” says Marginson, who mentions an instance when Fusion was called in by a business owner who wanted to replace his monitoring cameras with new ones: “An analysis determined that they didn’t need to be replaced, only repositioned.”

Keeping up with technological advances also results in enhanced value for clients. “We have cameras that don’t merely detect motion, they distinguish between people and animals, which means fewer false alarms and, in some instances, a reduced need for manpower,” says Stausgaard.

Marginson and Stausgaard are proud of the fact that their company is one of the few locally owned security providers in B.C.

“We’re still small enough to be agile and work closely with clients, yet big enough to fulfil any security need. That’s rare to find these days,” says Marginson.

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