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Top 100 Special Event Pricing

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Top 100 2017 Tickets

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Join us June 29th at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Networking Luncheon & Speaker Ticket includes the stand-up networking luncheon between 11am – 12:45pm and speaker presentation from 1pm – 3pm.

The Top 100 event is the premier networking event for business-focused individuals in B.C…

With over 1,000 of B.C.’s top business leaders in one room, you will be sure to make connections that will take your career or business to the next level…

If networking and connecting with BC’s top business leaders isn’t enough for you don’t worry the best is yet to come…

Following the networking luncheon will be a special one on one candid interview with Peter Legge (CEO of Canada Wide Media) and the legendary music producer David Foster.

The same David Foster who has won 15 Grammy’s and sold over 500 million albums making him one of the most successful music producers in history.

David’s unprecedented business success comes from both his musical genius and discovering and launching the careers of some pretty famous musicians you’ve probably heard of including:

    –          Whitney Houston

    –          Céline Dion

    –          Josh Groban

    –          And so many more…

David’s story is uplifting, captivating and fascinating. He will inspire you to push harder and really follow through with your dreams…


Premiere Networking Luncheon and Speaker Ticket

Top 100 2017 Ticket (Special Pricing)


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Top 100 2017 Ticket (Special Pricing)