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Secrets of the Masters

Author, speaker and community leader Peter Legge is set to launch a new book that shares experts' secrets to resilience and hope.


BCBusiness Peter Legge

Throughout all his successes, Peter Legge, chairperson and CEO of Canada Wide Media, has never lost sight of the people in his life whose support and sound advice molded him into the businessperson, speaker and author he is today. For 40 years, he has climbed the success ladder as a savvy businessperson with an uncanny eye for opportunity and a passionate philanthropist with a heart for people—but simply put, no one gets there alone.

“The people you choose to associate with—the people you learn from—shape who you become,” Legge says. “And the learning never stops.”

His latest book, Secrets of the Masters, offers readers a front-row seat to 20 one-on-one interviews with an array of highly accomplished entrepreneurs, politicians and community leaders who have had an impact on Legge over the years. From Canadian business giant Jimmy Pattison to resilience expert Joe Roberts and BC Premier John Horgan, these masters reflect on their successes, failures, humble beginnings and hard-earned wisdom. They are lessons you won’t want to miss.

“My goal was to represent a diverse group of people who have had mountains to climb and who could share positive experiences of conquering challenges and making their lives successful,” Legge says. “I wanted individuals who had started with nothing, risen against adversity and come out on top, no matter how complicated their lives had been.”

From politicians, coaches and CEOs to priests, prisoners of war and cancer survivors, each individual Legge profiles leveraged hope, perseverance and a positive attitude to reach higher than they ever dreamed imaginable.

“We all have our challenges, and you can either let that beat you or you can find a way around, through or above and move to the next level,” Legge says. “Without exception, we each need to take the course, develop the skill or shift the attitude—whatever is necessary to create something significant in your life. In this book, readers can find out what other people have done to make those changes.”

In a forward by Brandt Louie, CEO of HY Louie Co. Ltd. and London Drugs Ltd, he says that as readers traverse each chapter, common themes emerge.

“The importance of hope, the need for optimism, that adversity can sometimes be our greatest gift,” Louie says. “These are lessons for us all at this moment in time but are also what will sustain us going forward.”

Like his subjects, Legge has used adversity to fuel his quest for success, and through this book, he asks the important question: “What is the real potential for your life, once you see beyond your current circumstances and on to your possibility?”

Find out from the masters how to answer that question. Visit to learn more about Secrets of the Masters and Peter Legge’s other books.

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