Skunkwerks Software Inc.

Congratulations to Skunkwerks Software, 2013’s #19 Most Innovative Company in B.C.

Vancouver-based Skunkwerks Software Inc. has built a business model around continuous innovation. It funds in-house research and development projects and rolls those projects into separate companies once they become self-sustaining. Rizwan Kheraj, industrial technology adviser at the National Research Council and an early consultant at Skunkwerks, points to a perfect marriage of product and business plan: “The innovation comes not only from the actual technology, but also the business innovation in being able to incubate these properties and then spin them off as separate entities.”

The first of these spinoffs is IClinic, software for healthcare professionals that clarifies who can access which documents as specified by privacy laws. IClinic was spun off in 2011 and clients include hospitals in Victoria and Kelowna as well as VGH’s cardiology centre.