Staff Biographies

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Staff Biographies

David Jordan
David Jordan
executive Editor

Before joining BCBusiness, David had been editor of Granville magazine and associate editor of Business in Vancouver. He has a Ph.D in comparative literature from the University of Toronto and has taught writing at both UBC and SFU. He got his start in publishing as a proofreader for Harlequin Books.

BCBusiness assistant art director Ben Oliver
Ben Oliver
Assistant art director

Ben, an Ontario transplant, started at BCBusiness in 2007. He cut his design teeth at Toronto’s Highrise before making the move west. Ben is admired by photographers and illustrators for his routine ability to get fine work from B.C.’s best creatives.

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Kristen Hilderman
Associate Editor (digital)

Kristen, a master of publishing graduate from SFU, came to Canada Wide in 2010. She enjoys wordplay, live music, and entering The New Yorker‘s caption contest. She manages the BCBusiness Facebook.