Style: Spring Colour Code

Spring Colours | BCBusiness
May is the perfect month to refresh your wardrobe with a few pops of colour.

If there were ever a time to refresh your wardrobe with a few pops of colour, it’s the spring, when the fashion mirrors the flora

Standard business attire is regrettably bland: navy suit with a white shirt, black skirt with black pumps. According to conventional wisdom, conservative colours project stability and inspire a sense of duty. These are terrific aspirations for someone who is perfectly happy to stay right where they are. Fortune, however, favours the bold.

A well-placed pop of colour can make even the dullest bankers’ grey stand out from the fold: a brightly hued shoe or dandy-esque silk boutonnière will do the trick.

This spring, runways are ripe with pastels to pick from, and there are no fiery reds or acid greens to push you too far past your comfort zone. Now is the perfect time to test out some colour theory with a deft and softer touch.

1. Eton tie ($125;
2. Tod’s suede desert boot with Stolen Riches shoe laces ($470 and $17.50;
3. Four Eyes frames by Vancouver’s MOSHdesigns ($480;
4. Michael Kors watch ($270;
5. Xavier Derome sterling and enamel bangle ($269;
6. Tory Burch belt ($215;
7. Edward Armah’s men’s boutonnière ($45;

Sunglasses (right) are an easy, on-trend way to add colour to your wardrobe. Try the moss-green Celine wayfarer, or the coral-pink Barton Perreira Feldon ($359, his; $419, hers;

The fresco-green and pigeon- grey chevron design of Native Shoes’ Verona foam espadrille (left) can slip on for casual Fridays and off for post-work beach visits ($60;

This multicoloured braided belt by Anderson’s (right) will make you feel like you’re lounging on a yacht, even when you’re languishing in a sales meeting ($135;