SYSPRO: Providing Canadian software systems to simplify success

SYSPRO: Providing Canadian software systems to simplify success

SYSPRO Canada has been helping small- and medium-sized businesses boost their productivity and success rates in Canada since 1986.

The company integrates what, for many businesses, are multiple software applications into one, simple system – enabling firms to better balance supply and demand and be more competitive.

“Simplifying your success – that’s our goal,” says John Fahey, president of SYSPRO Canada. “Through our products and services we aim to help Canadian customers become more productive – do more or make more in less time with less effort.”

Fahey says Canadian businesses, particularly manufacturers, can no longer rely on favourable exchange rates when exporting products to the U.S. and are now competing globally against cheap labour specialists like China and India.

“Our mission is to give Canadian businesses the necessary tools to be more productive and competitive both domestically and globally,” says Fahey.

SYSPRO’s tools include the stand-out Requirements Planning system, designed to give a business ‘information visibility’. “When a business has information visibility across the organization it’s easier for staff to be fully informed and work most efficiently.”

SYSPRO Canada recently released the latest version of its software – SYSPRO 6.1 – which includes hundreds of new enhancements and key features such as Executive Dashboards, Cash Flow Forecasting, Inventory Optimization and Workflow Services.

“The new modules offer our customers additional tools for greater visibility, which leads to better decision-making and greater control,” says Fahey. “All three factors combine to sharpen their competitive edge.”

Fahey says SYSPRO always tries to stay a step or two ahead of its customers’ needs – one of the major reasons for its success.

“We’ve been fortunate to enjoy a 12 per cent compound annual growth rate in Canada since 1998 and my goal is to see this trend continue,” he says.

“I think we can improve that growth rate by helping to educate, eradicate the fear of technology adoption and prove that technology is an enabler of greater productivity.”

To find out more about SYSPRO Canada’s products and services in B.C., call their Burnaby branch at: 1-604-451-8889 or visit: