Teck Construction LLP

Teck Construction builds with integrity across the Fraser Valley

In 1957, Al Tecklenborg launched Teck Construction Ltd. and became known for changing the landscape of Langley’s downtown core with a series of car dealerships and commercial/retail facilities.

Today, under the leadership of Al’s sons George and Albert, Teck has evolved into a concrete tilt-up and design-build specialist. However, Teck’s geographical range of operation (out of preference, not necessity) remains the Fraser Valley, focused on commercial and retail construction. And, as was the case with their father, George and Albert’s integrity is renowned. “They’re honourable people,” says client Paul Boileau, director of operations at Soprema Inc. “They’re extremely fair and open, and clients never have to worry about being taken advantage of.”

Although many mid-size contractors are still dealing with the aftershocks of the recession, George and Albert, along with 10 office staff and 35 field personnel, recently completed or are currently busy with a host of projects in Langley, Surrey and Chilliwack. This includes construction of a new Lougheed Acura on Highway 1 and the renovation/redevelopment of the Preston Chevrolet Cadillac dealership in Langley’s downtown core.

Teck also recently built five facilities in Fort McMurray and is preparing to construct a manufacturing complex in Edmonton for Kuusamo Developments. “Our work in Alberta is not so much a desire to expand into that province as it is enjoying a great working relationship with the Kuusamo people,” says George.

As the commercial construction sector continues to pick up, Teck has added to its office and field staff. However, neither George nor Albert will deviate from the template that has made their company a success: “We won’t grow much bigger than we are now, and we’re happy serving the Fraser Valley,” says George. “Doing good work and being a hands-on solution for our clients will always be our top priorities.”