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The Status Bureau

Digital marketing through The Status Bureau creates better connections for your bottom line

Reminiscent of “the new math,” digital marketing puts some new technological twists on sales strategies, and inflicts worry onto those who aren’t sure of the difference between SEO and SEM, or why they matter. The Status Bureau is a 10-year veteran as a digital marketing agency, with offices in Vancouver and Edmonton, along with nation-wide clients. This is the company that made online pizza orders the new norm, and they can be your business’ secret weapon to digital success.

A good digital marketing plan has become an essential business tool, and can be considered the brains behind your website. Just as an LED sign is useless unless it’s switched on, a website doesn’t do much but look pretty unless it’s set up to go to work. The Status Bureau makes websites work the way they should by using targeted strategies like SEO, search marketing, online media buying and analytics. When done well and properly, your website should be your hardest-working salesperson.

Websites have evolved to become a place of business, where sophisticated search engines like Google allow anyone to search–and find–a very specific product or service. One click, and the customer is on your virtual doorstep, ready to do business. Where did they come from? The Status Bureau can walk you through this very process, and create a digital marketing plan for your business. The process starts with learning about your business and industry, and once in motion, delivers data to drive the next cycle of digital marketing forward.

Technology has taken great leaps forward and trusting the process requires a leap of faith. Ten years’ of experience gives The Status Bureau has led to success, backed by hard data to prove its value in a numbers-driven marketplace, in an “invisible industry” that can remain your business’ secret.