The Tyee going national after raising $118K in three weeks

B.C. journalist Jeremy Nuttall is heading to Ottawa courtesy of a successful crowdfunder campaign held last year as part of The Tyee‘s national expansion plan

After a successful crowdfunder campaign last December, online publication The Tyee is sending B.C.-based journalist Jeremy Nuttall to Ottawa as part of its plan to expand nationally.
Dubbed “Tyee Builders,” readers pledged more than $100,000 in three weeks to cover Nuttall’s salary and expenses—$117,762, to be exact. And according to The Tyee, they’ll continue to be a part of this experiment, suggesting stories for him to cover in his new role.
Nuttall, a Port Moody native, has previously reported for The Tyee, the CBC, The Canadian Press and 24 hours Vancouver. He’s also worked as a freelance writer in China.  
With Postmedia’s decision to shut down its parliamentary bureau earlier this year, Tyee founder David Beers said Nuttall’s new position is “a hopeful development.”
Nuttall, who left yesterday for Ottawa with his wife, Mao, admitted to feeling both nervous and confident knowing how many people are behind him.

“I’ve actually lived all across Canada,” he said in a Q&A on The Tyee‘s website. “New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and B.C. have all been my home at one time or another since fleeing the nest. I think it gives me a solid understanding of the nation’s regions and people that will be a strength for covering Canada.”