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Credit: Glenlyon Norfolk School

Glenlyon Norfolk School in Victoria, BC, offers the advantages of the IB Diploma curriculum and homestyle boarding in a smaller, more intimate city environment.

 “When I think of learning outcomes for our students, it starts with learning in an environment where there are fewer distractions and where the focus is on being well rounded students and developing skills in all areas of school,” says Trevor Mannion, Director of Enrolment at Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS) in Victoria, BC. “This creates and shapes young adults who are well prepared for university and beyond. These are the kind of kids we want to be our future leaders—engaged and curious.”

Due to high demand for the IB Diploma program in Vancouver, gaining access to this exceptional curriculum can be challenging on the mainland. GNS’s boarding program means students can access this curriculum while remaining close to their families.

This September, GNS opened Gryphon House, its homestyle boarding program that houses 24 students from grades 8-12 along with two teachers in a beautifully renovated heritage home in Oak Bay, just moments from the GNS campuses.

“It is well positioned for students living throughout BC who want the flexibility to travel home on weekends,” says Chad Holtum, Head of School at GNS. “Wherever they live in BC—Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, or in the Vancouver area—our partnership with Harbour Air helps students stay connected with their families.”

The IB curriculum is known for being highly sought after by universities in BC and around the world, especially because of its rigor and focus on interdisciplinary learning. It’s not just about knowledge acquisition, but about developing a deep understanding of the content and connections.

“When students are learning about real world topics, such as climate change, they learn to look from historical, geographical, social, and literary perspectives,” Mannion says. “That helps students take what they are faced with in life, upack and understand it, and work toward making real change.”

At GNS, a successful student experience relies on a strong partnership between staff, students and parents.

“Concepts that we cover in school are reinforced at home, and the values expressed at home around the dinner table are shared values with the school,” says Cole Carlson, Deputy Head of school at GNS. “This is important for students looking at Gryphon House. We look at aligning student and family values because it’s not just the experience we are creating for kids; we are creating it with them.”

All GNS students all have access to a great support system that includes faculty and staff, and integrated leadership and mentorship opportunities through their peers.

Student success is evidenced by the high success rate GNS students have entering university. In 2021, the graduating class of 63 students was offered over $1.6 million in scholarship awards and an average of four post-secondary acceptances per student.

Can’t wait to find out more? Visit the school’s website to connect with the Admissions Team and learn more about what GNS has to offer.

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