Most of us will, at some point in our lives, face certain challenges – whether it’s personal or professional. Whatever the adversity or circumstance, creating a significant positive shift is possible.

ThroughConversation is a unique personal development program based on principles that we all share: basic human desires for love, truth, freedom, self-expression and power. However, too often our own limiting beliefs and self-imposed barriers prevent us from reaching our full potential. ThroughConversation can help its clients identify and dissolve those limitations.

“Beliefs are at the root of all the thoughts, feelings and actions that we have on a daily basis,” says Jean-Paul Gravel, founder of ThroughConversation. “By identifying and breaking down limiting beliefs we can rewire the way your mind thinks, which will then help you achieve better emotional health as well as improve your overall performance in life.”

Gravel’s early years were difficult; as a result, he has first-hand experience coping with a multitude of problems. Through dealing with his past, Gravel spent years on a quest for personal growth. Finding an effective solution to maintaining strong emotional health became his life work, which lead to him founding ThroughConversation.

Gravel designs customized, one-on-one sessions that respond directly to each person’s life situation and personal traits. With his method, he has helped many clients move through problems such as depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, stress and lack of self-confidence, in a very short amount of time.

However, ThroughConversation is not limited to those with emotional problems. Those who are committed to achieving better results in life, improving their relationships, or simply becoming a happier and better version of themselves will greatly benefit from this approach.

“People believe that to be happy they must change their environment, when in fact that’s impossible,” says Gravel. “You can’t become happy by changing your environment, not in the long run anyways. But once you are happy, your environment will definitely change. Almost instantaneously.”

ThroughConversation offers individual customized programs, retreats, and mentorships. For more information, call 604-354-4888, email or visit to watch actual clients’ video testimonials.