Vancouver’s Social Media Innovators


Names: Chris Breikss & John Blown of 6S Marketing
Twitter: @ChrisBreikss, @JohnBlown, @6S_Marketing – 12,262 combined followers
Chris and John founded 6S in 2000. Since then, the company has grown into one of the bigges

Names:Stephen Jagger & Shane Gibson
Twitter: @SJagger & @ShaneGibson – 15,270 combined followers Web: &
You’re likely familiar with the expression: “He wrote the book on it”? Well, whe

Name: Chuck McIntosh and Chris Irving
Twitter: @Chuck_Mac & @PourHouse_Van – 15,310 combined followers
Chuck McIntosh is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, bartender, marketing geek, adventure junkie, and beverage ch

Name: Gillian Shaw
Twitter: @GillianShaw – 3,896 Followers
As the Digital Life writer for the Vancouver Sun, Gillian Shaw is, in her own words, “living the digital life.” Supported by the reach of the

Name: Maura Rodgers & Danny Robinson
Twitter: @MauraR & @DannyRobinson – 2,626 Combined Followers
Maura wears many hats, working with with, Bootup Entrepreneurial Society and Bootup Labs, to name a few. Thos

Name: Kris Krug
Twitter: @kk — 7,916 Followers Web: Where to begin with this fella? Photographer (Static Photography), educator (Vancouver Film School), board member (W2 Media Arts), entrepreneur (Bryght) and on and on and on (seriousl

Rebecca & John Bollwitt
Twitter: @miss604 & @johnbollwitt –12,777 Total Followers Web: & Google any Vancouver related topic and you’re going to find Blog turned-small-Vancouver-empire, if

Name: Colleen Coplick
Twitter: @ColleenCoplick –5,203 Followers Think Sex and the City with an even sexier edge and you’ve got Colleen Coplick’s writing genre. With a cult-like following of (mostly) women taking in

Name: Darren Barefoot
Twitter: @dbarefoot –3,657 Followers Web:
Write a few books, found a few businesses, become the go-to person for anything web-related, become a marketing executive for a multi-million dollar company and cr

Name: Raul Pacheco
Twitter: @hummingbird604 –4,236 Followers
Raul Pacheco is an educator, researcher and consultant on water governance, environmental policy and sustainability at the University of British Columbia. If ther

Name: Hilary Henegar
Twitter: @GranvilleMag – 5,592 Followers Web:
Granville magazine does many amazing things, including promoting sustainability and banging out some awesome Tweets. Not many magazines have had such a success

Names: Alex Lee-Behan & Jordan Behan
Twitter: @AlexLeeBehan, @JordanBehan –3,882 Total Followers Web:,
The Behans are unofficially the official family of the Internet in Vancouver. Wherever you go in the Social M

Name:Monica Hamburg
Twitter: @MonicaHamburg – 2,831 Followers Web:
Let’s say something you may not know about this ferociously intelligent ball of smarts: she has an incredible reach into Vancouver’s online commun

Name: Marc Smith
Twitter: @AmuseConsulting – 1,992 Followers Web:
Marc Smith runs Amuse Consulting, an event planning company. While event planning may not be trendsetting in itself, Amuse’s use of social media certainly is



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