Vancouver’s Well Read Reputation

Vancouver well read city | BCBusiness
According to, Vancouver is Canada’s most well read city.

B.C.’s density of small businesses and entrepreneurs shines through in Amazon report

New research from massive online retailer reveals that Vancouver is Canada’s most well read city, based on sales data from the past year (beginning in June 2012). The rankings were made on a per-capita basis, looking only at cities with more than 100,000 residents.

1. Vancouver, British Columbia
2. Calgary, Alberta
3. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
4. Edmonton, Alberta
5. Regina, Saskatchewan
6. London, Ontario
7. Toronto, Ontario
8. Ottawa, Ontario
9. Winnipeg, Manitoba
10. Kitchener, Ontario
11. Burnaby, British Columbia
12. Mississauga, Ontario
13. Gatineau, Quebec
14. Windsor, Ontario
15. Richmond, British Columbia
16. Markham, Ontario
17. Surrey, British Columbia
18. Halifax, Nova Scotia
19. Hamilton, Ontario
20. Brampton, Ontario


B.C. is known for its density of small businesses—according to BC Stats, small businesses account for 98 per cent of all business in the province—and Amazon’s further findings reflect that. “Not only the number one Well Read City in Canada, Vancouver is breeding a population of entrepreneurs,” the report says.

According to the data, Vancouverites ordered more books from the Business and Investing category than any other city in Canada. The top title purchased was StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath.