Which Social Media Channel Rules in B.C.?

Survey results by 6S Marketing. | BCBusiness
Survey results by 6S Marketing. | BCBusiness

For B.C. marketers perplexed about where to focus social media spend, a new survey on the social media consumption by British Columbians sheds some light

According to Vancouver-based digital marketing agency 6S Marketing and research company Insights West, Facebook is the runaway preferred social platform, with two-thirds (67%) of the 838 B.C. adults surveyed claiming to using it weekly, with 50% citing daily use.

The runner-up was Twitter with one-fifth (21%) of participants visiting at least weekly and 13% checking in daily. Half as many visit Pinterest (11%), LinkedIn (9%) and Instagram (9%) at least weekly and fewer than 5% use each of these daily. LinkedIn is way more popular among those 30 and over while overall use of all other social networking sites is higher among those under 29.

And despite rumblings about Facebook’s decline, the channel is the the only social media platform where British Columbians report increased use. According to the report, “more people report spending less time (18%) on Twitter in the past six months than those who report more time (13%). The same applies for Pinterest (20% less versus 9% more), Instagram (18% less versus 5% more), LinkedIn (21% less versus 10% more), Tumbler (20% less versus 2% more) or Snapchat (18% less versus 1% more).” See the entire report here.