White Spot contest winners

Credit: Courtesy of White Spot

More than 250 people entered our contest to win a $90 gift card from White Spot. Due to some crossed signals, we ended up drawing the names of two winners so White Spot provided a second gift certificate.

Winner Sandra Tuplin lives in Beechy, Saskatchewan, but she and her husband, Norman, spend winters in B.C. “The last two we’ve been in Osoyoos,” she says. “It was really reasonable, nice places. They don’t want to get rid of their staff when they’re not busy. They’re so busy in the summer.”

Our second winner, Bruce Sommer, who lives in Burnaby, received our email informing him he had won on his birthday—like White Spot, he turned 90 in July. “Perhaps Nat was watching over me as I have been going to White Spot for over 70 of those 90 years,” Sommer writes. “Cinnamon toast and hot chocolate at the end of a date…yum.”