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WNORTH Conference 2024: Empowering Women in Business

Discover the transformative potential of the upcoming WNORTH Conference, May 8-10 in Whistler, BC

In business, ideas are the currency that sets innovation in motion. In an era where start-ups are celebrated for their disruptive potential, established businesses are dealing with adversity to stay agile. All businesses struggle to stay abreast of the challenges consumers face–and for those led by female entrepreneurs, they often face the added barrier of lacking mentorship.

The eighth annual WNORTH Conference, set to take place on May 8-10 at the Four Seasons Resort in Whistler, BC, champions and supports women in leadership roles to tap into the creativity and ingenuity that otherwise might go unfulfilled. With an expanded guest list, twice as many ticketed spots, and a dynamic three-day program, the conference offers a unique experience, empowered by an intimate atmosphere of community. 

“By bringing together leading female managers and executives from corporate, public and private sectors, as well as innovative Founders, WNORTH provides a platform for shared experiences, bridging the gender power gap through connection,” says WNORTH founder and CEO, Heather Odendaal. “The theme of this year’s conference, ‘Lift As We Climb,’ speaks to the transformative power of community.” 

Presented by TD Bank, the WNORTH Conference celebrates the achievements of women but also sheds light on the critical need for female leadership and mentorship strategies through the lens of empathy in today’s corporate landscape.

“The purpose is to prioritize bridging the gender power gap and strategically elevate women into leadership roles, encouraging their personal and professional development,” Odendaal says.

Fostering leadership, growth and collaboration

The programming will feature keynote presentations, interactive workshops and thought-provoking roundtables where attendees will have the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned speakers and visionary business leaders. 

“WNORTH’s ultimate vision is to provide valuable insights and perspectives that can shape the professional journeys of women in leadership positions and beyond, empowering them to make decisions with confidence and balance out the underrepresented communities in senior executive leadership,” Odendaal says.

Some of the speakers will include Rachel Ferdinando, President at PepsiCo Foods Canada; Daisy Auger-Dominguez; Author of Inclusion Revolution; and Farah Mohamed, CEO of the Prince’s Trust Canada and former CEO of the Malala Fund

Whether joining in person or virtually, participants can anticipate an intimate and boutique atmosphere conducive to meaningful networking and mentorship opportunities. 

“The conference is an empowering learning and networking opportunity for our top talent, and we look forward to inspiring conversations on bridging the gender power gap,” Ferdinando says. 

Empowered Future for Women in Business

Looking ahead to the future of business, it’s clear that organizations must embrace new leadership strategies to foster female representation in the evolving competitive landscape. 

One of the conference’s key themes, ‘Intrapreneurship’, refers to developing innovative ideas or projects within a company, and it fosters a culture that encourages employees to think and act like entrepreneurs within an organization. 

“It can empower individuals to take ownership of their ideas, driving meaningful change from within while keeping the organization nimble and competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace,” Odendaal says. “But without proper guidance and mentorship, aspiring leaders may find themselves navigating challenges with little to no support.” 

By encouraging individuals to innovate from within, and providing them with the guidance and support they need to succeed, companies can unlock their full potential and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future. With events like WNORTH leading the charge, the possibilities are limitless.

“The convergence of diverse perspectives, collaborative initiatives and mentorship opportunities can help revolutionize traditional corporate structures,” Odendaal says. “Through legacy platforms like ours, women are not only empowered to excel in their professional endeavours but they are also equipped to challenge systemic barriers, champion inclusivity and shape the trajectory of future generations.” 

As the landscape of leadership continues to evolve, cultivating environments conducive to innovation and gender parity is of increasing importance. Be part of the change this May 8-10 at the WNORTH Conference in Whistler, BC.

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