Wolfe Auto Group

Wolfe Auto Group currently operates four successful dealerships in Surrey and Chilliwack 

The name Wolfe is known among Lower Mainland auto buyers and that’s really no surprise, when you consider that the family’s involvement in auto retailing dates all the way back to 1921 in Alberta. Any business that has roots going back that far has clearly established a solid foundation of service and dependability.

Heritage is all very well, but today’s retail automobile industry is fast-paced, technologically sophisticated and very demanding. Wolfe Auto Group today is very different than Wolfe of years gone by and typifies forward-thinking auto retailers who have moved with the times. Intense competition in the auto industry demands this approach, perhaps more than any other industry.

Although many brands have rolled out of Wolfe-related dealerships over the years, the group currently sells only Japanese products, namely Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi. The Wolfe Group, which took its present form in 1989, operates Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi outlets in close proximity along the Langley Bypass in Surrey on what has become known as the “Langley Auto Mile.” Another Mazda operation is located on Yale Road West in Chilliwack to serve that fast-growing area. Plans are in place for a second Subaru dealership to be built on Boundary Road on the Vancouver/Burnaby border. The new location is about a year away from completion.

Currently, Wolfe Auto Group employs 140 People in management, sales and service and has annual gross sales exceeding $100-million. Annual sales run to around 4,000 new and used vehicles. All three of Wolfe Auto Group’s brands are involved in busy new vehicle launch schedules for 2014 and beyond, and are experiencing solid market growth.