Wolverton Securities Ltd.

Wolverton Securities Ltd.’s experience makes all the difference to its clients

At a time when other financial services companies are downsizing, Wolverton Securities Ltd. is doing things differently by expanding its geographical reach and bringing more investment advisors into the fold.

Although these may seem like tactics a new company would attempt, expansion of this magnitude requires the experience and resources that only a seasoned veteran like Wolverton (founded in 1910) possesses. 

Wolverton has attracted new talent and opened new branch locations in Victoria, Prince George and Edmonton—an expansion made possible by providing investment advisor payouts that are typically 20 to 30 per cent more than its closest rivals and by seamlessly transferring client accounts in record time.

In turn, the newcomers to Wolverton are developing innovative ways of doing business, an example being a new division created by Victoria-based investment advisor JP Lafleur and colleagues that pertains to socially responsible investing. “When launched next year, it will benefit people who want to pick and choose the industries to support rather than being detached from the investment process,” Lafleur explains.

Wolverton has also aligned with outside specialists instead of retaining an in-house capital markets group (for the benefit of its corporate clients as well as investment advisors), and extended its expertise beyond mining and oil and gas to include sectors such as high tech and life sciences.

With these and other initiatives in full swing, Wolverton is well positioned to prosper in its next 100 years. Chief executive officer Richard Butterworth notes, “With our latest evolution, we offer both new and existing clients the advantages of dealing with a seasoned player in the investment services market.”