B.C. government remains optimistic about LNG prospects

LNG in BC Conference
LNG in BC Conference

Plus, real estate prices continue to climb and a fresh idea for supplying eggs

Energetic response
Despite weak prices and local opposition, B.C. is still bullish on LNG. On the eve of the three-day LNG in BC Conference that started in Vancouver Wednesday, Finance Minister Mike de Jong said that backers are thinking long-term and the province is “poised to see the final steps taken.” Along with Premier Christy Clark and other government ministers, De Jong was a keynote speaker at the conference which is organized by the B.C. government, co-sponsored by the energy industry and expected to attract some 3,000 participants and 300 exhibitors. (via Globe and Mail)

Real (estate) growth
Real estate is “the foundation on which the economy has been built for years, and a critical foundation upon which Canadians can build their savings especially in the Lower Mainland,” according to the Royal LePage House Price Survey released Wednesday. In the third quarter of 2015, the price of a home in Greater Vancouver increased 12.9 per cent year-over-year to $928,532 with increases in some surrounding areas outpacing those in the city core. The median price of a two-storey home increased 17.3 per cent to $1,925,491 in Vancouver, 23.5 per cent to $1,200,462 in Richmond and 20.9 per cent to $1,184,385 in Burnaby.

“So far in 2015, Vancouver job growth has not kept up with the leading regions of the country, which is at odds with the level at which its housing market is appreciating,” said Royal LePage CEO Phil Soper in a release. “This disconnect could reflect an inflow of retired homebuyers, but it also lends some credibility to the argument that housing in this market is being influenced by international buyer activity.”

Backyard chickens
The price of eggs isn’t chicken feed, but a Kamloops company will deliver them as fresh as they get—plus the chicken feed. Rent the Chicken will supply you with laying hens and all the accoutrements from food and a movable chicken coop to dishes and instructions. The standard six-month two-hen package (8-14 eggs per week) is $425 plus tax; the deluxe four-hen package (16-28 eggs per week) is $600 plus tax. Rentals start in May 2016 with free delivery within 80 kilometres of Kamloops.