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A Gift to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Supports Big Strides in Addressing Childhood Illnesses

Children are the future. When planning your legacy gift, consider BC Children's Hospital Foundation.


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Maeli McLaughlin - BC Children's Hospital Foundation

Credit: BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

Planning today for one’s legacy tomorrow can help set your mind at ease. Knowing a portion of one’s estate will go toward creating lasting, meaningful change in the community through a legacy gift is what inspires donors every year contribute to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (BCCHF). And because of this generosity, significant strides in addressing childhood disease have and will continue to occur.

“Without community members across BC leading the future with their values-based decisions, we wouldn’t be able to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in pediatric medicine,” says Hilary Beard, Director, Gift & Estate Planning at BCCHF. “Legacy gifts ensure our researchers can continue their quest to cure and prevent childhood diseases, and that our kids are cared for by the brightest medical minds with the most advanced tools available.”

Addressing Childhood Illnesses

She points to childhood cancer survival rates, which have changed from 20% to 80% over the past 50 years.

“BC Children’s Hospital Foundation receives legacy gifts from all corners of the province, so we appreciate how our communities take note of the care their neighbourhood kids have received and how those children’s lives were saved or significantly improved,” Beard says.  “Yet we don’t rest on our laurels—those 20% of children not surviving cancer are the propelling force to our researchers because every single child lost to this disease is one too many.”

With so many important and dedicated organizations addressing essential causes in our communities, it can be difficult to choose one when planning a legacy gift. BC Children’s Hospital is the sole pediatric hospital in the province, and it treats all children with complex care needs. In 2021, more than 138,000 kids from across BC received expert care and personalized treatment.

“This often encompasses a unique collaboration between our physicians and researchers—what we call ‘bench to bedside’ where research in the lab can provide clues to a novel medicine that specifically targets the child’s illness,” Beard says. “Our site is home to a research institute, acute care hospital, and mental health and rehabilitation centers, so each child benefits from a seamless care experience.”

Planning Your Legacy Gift

BCCHF has broad resources ready to help donors choose a legacy gift option that suits their preferences and family situation.

“We have carefully curated these resources from a donor’s point of view and to equip our donors to bring questions forward when they meet with their professional advisors,” Beard says. “Also, our legacy team members are available for in-depth conversations, which our donors have told us are vital starting points as they explore ideas, consider some pitfalls, and frankly just need an unbiased listening ear.”

The team also collaborates with top advisors to periodically offer estate planning education, free of charge. “It’s our way of giving back to those whose support is deeply appreciated,” Beard says.

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