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Burnaby Hospital Foundation’s Bright Future Campaign

The campaign is a meaningful opportunity for individuals to contribute towards the hospital that they or their loved ones will need, now and well into the future.

As Kristy James, President and CEO of Burnaby Hospital Foundation, walks into Burnaby Hospital’s temporary entrance, she passes a hectic construction site and the rumblings of heavy machinery. To her, the sounds are a reminder of the hospital’s massive redevelopment project that will soon improve the day-to-day experience of hundreds of hospital staff and the care for thousands of patients.

“Last year, Burnaby Hospital received over 200,000 patient visits, and that number will only go up as our city expands further,” James explains. “With so many people choosing to call Burnaby and Vancouver home, the demand on our hospital continues to grow.”

Construction of the first phase, which will expand emergency care, grow surgical services, create a maternity centre and build a new mental health unit, is set to be complete in 2025.  These upgrades will ultimately provide high-quality care for the 500,000 people who rely on the 70-year-old Burnaby Hospital.

“While cutting-edge equipment and the latest technology are important, it is our people that truly make our hospital special,” James says. “We look to retain our dedicated staff by providing the facilities and equipment that match their talents so they can deliver the best care possible.”

Credit: Kristy James, President and CEO, Burnaby Hospital Foundation | Burnaby Hospital Foundation

There has been tremendous support for the redevelopment from individual and corporate donors, who have helped Burnaby Hospital Foundation raise more than $30 million for the first phase through the Bright Future campaign.

“The amount that we have raised together shows that our community recognizes the urgent need for an upgraded and modern Burnaby Hospital, and they are willing to put their donations towards that goal,” James says. “It has been inspiring to see over 10,000 gifts come from our community members, who have rallied together to show their strength and resilience.”

James was excited to share plans for the second phase of redevelopment, which includes the building of a new patient care tower. The second phase will bring a significant number of new beds to the hospital campus, as well as upgrades to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, Medical Imaging, In-patient Oncology and Cardiac Telemetry departments.

Burnaby Hospital Foundation’s Bright Future Campaign: Better Care Close to Home focuses on upgrades to crucial services that will increase the capacity of several departments, while also keeping more patients in Burnaby. Too often, patients are transferred away from Burnaby Hospital because specialized treatments are only available elsewhere.

“The people who come to Burnaby Hospital know the hospital—they are like family,” James says. “Being transferred to another hospital, which may be an hour away, is something that adds stress for both the patient and their loved ones. That’s why ‘better care close to home’ is a central part of our campaign.”

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