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Creating a Lasting Impact Beyond Your Time

Vancouver Foundation Legacy Giving Program empowers passionate donors in shaping a better tomorrow.

Beyond the immediate demands of life, many long for a way to make a meaningful difference in our communities—to leave a legacy that endures far beyond our time. It is in this pursuit that the Vancouver Foundation Legacy Giving Program emerges—a compelling avenue that empowers passionate donors to shape a better tomorrow and leave an indelible imprint on worthwhile causes.

Since its inception in 1943, Vancouver Foundation has been at the forefront of supporting charities and non-profits across BC, dedicating more than $1.5 billion to transformative initiatives. Vancouver Foundation invests the legacy donations into a balanced growth fund and, at the same time, protects the capital against inflation.

At the heart of its mission lies the esteemed Legacy Giving Program, a testament to the enduring power of philanthropy. “Legacy donations are important to Vancouver Foundation, because quite simply, they are important to the community,” explains Craig Hikida, vice president, donor services at Vancouver Foundation. “From the donor’s perspective, many individuals want their stories and values—their legacies—to endure. This final expression of giving by establishing a donor advised fund is a way we can play a role in preserving that legacy.”

Vancouver Foundation’s commitment to its donors and their requests was no more evident than during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the pandemic first took hold, Vancouver Foundation very quickly decided to pivot and create a Community Response Fund. Within eight days of making the decision to create the Fund, Vancouver Foundation was able to start making $1 million worth of grants for the community.

This funding supplied rapid relief to agencies addressing the immediate needs of communities and helped build resilience that positioned the community to recover and thrive. “We were able to do that because donors 40, 50 and even 60 years ago who could never have even considered a global pandemic trusted Vancouver Foundation with their money,” Hikida explains.

By engaging community advisors, Vancouver Foundation ensures that donations address pressing community issues, fostering meaningful and sustainable change.

For those seeking to create a philanthropic legacy, Vancouver Foundation offers two options: permanent funds, providing perpetual support; or a paid-out fund that offers substantial support over a decade.

Financial advisors can play an instrumental role in guiding their clients. This collaborative effort nurtures a sense of purpose and ensures that charitable endeavors authentically reflect individual values, leading to a legacy that encapsulates the essence of who they are.

“Planning to make a charitable gift from your estate may be one of the most selfless acts one can perform,” Hikida says. “We hope that at the end of their lives people will consider Vancouver Foundation to make those decisions on their behalf.”

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