On Trend: Try these B.C.-developed apps to maintain your mental wellness

Need a mental wellness boost? Keep these local online tools in mind

Local entrepreneurs and nonprofits have stepped up with online tools that aim to boost mindfulness and reduce anxiety

It’s a challenging time for people across the world as the COVID-19 pandemic has taken away many of the hobbies and pleasures we used to depend on. During Mental Health Week (May 3-9), check out these locally made apps to help combat the glum.


A couple of nonprofits have jumped into the game, such as BC Children’s Hospital, which created Breathr to introduce the concept of mindfulness and allow an easy access point. Another outfit, Anxiety BC, built MindShift, which deploys strategies based on cognitive behavioural therapy to help users confront their anxiety.


Several B.C. entrepreneurs aim to bridge the gap between wellness and technology. Sean Burke co-founded Vancouver investing startup FrontFundr before launching CheckingIn, a free tool to help increase self-awareness and mindfulness. BCBusiness 30 Under 30 winner Ania Wysocka developed Victoria-based Rootd to assist people who suffer panic attacks. There’s also Vancouver clinical psychologist Andrew Miki and his app Starling Minds, which strives to make digital-based mental health therapy widely available.