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TELUS Health: Digital solutions for employee health and wellness

Software, digital tools and clinical services and solutions support a vibrant, engaged workforce


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Credit: TELUS Health

Software, digital tools and clinical services and solutions support a vibrant, engaged workforce

At TELUS Health, the mission is to improve wellness through better healthcare experiences, increased efficiency for health professionals, and engaged people that actively manage their health, supported by a networked model that is timely in today’s environment. 

“On the heels of a global pandemic, the importance of total employee wellness can’t be overstated,” says Michael Dingle, Chief Operating Officer at TELUS Health. “We have compression in the market, and this is driving employers to seek more opportunities to attract, develop and retain top talent.”

While employers caring about their employees is not a new concept, the level of health, wellness and prevention benefits is, and subsequent benefits for the healthcare system are becoming clearer by the day.  

“Providing a wide range of wellness solutions drives retention, pushes down the cost of absenteeism, and lowers employee turnover,” Dingle says. “The reward for employers and society is increased productivity that makes Canada more competitive.”

Supporting Employee Health

He adds that leaders can support employee health and wellness in several ways, beginning with genuine care. “Many of us ask everyday, ‘How are you?’ Great leaders have empathy for the response and take the time to fully understand the wellness of the individual and the employee base.”

Great leaders also understand how digital tools appeal to the empowered consumer. “The digital transformation has changed how we consume resources, make decisions, and approach health and wellness,” Dingle says. “Leaders need to be well versed in digital health and wellness offerings available and procure and provide the best solutions for their employees.” 

Finally, leaders must continue to drive awareness of and erode the remaining stigma around mental health topics. “Good mental health is good health, and it has the positive effect of diminishing physical ailments,” Dingle says. “Good leaders are checking in and providing appropriate supports, so employees feel supported in their total well being.”

Digital Tools from TELUS Health

Through LifeWorks, the market-leading Employee and Family Assistance Program from TELUS Health, employers can provide a full suite of preventative and practical supports to employees, including virtual care provision, which connects individuals and care providers separated by space and time with 24/7 access to on-demand care. 

LifeJourneyTM is a new level of employee assistance that offers a 24/7 digital platform through which individuals access dedicated care advocates who create individualized care plans and follow-up care when required. 

 TELUS Health Wellbeing is a digital-first health and wellness solution driven by cognitive behavioural science to educate, engage and inspire employees to manage their own healthcare through behavioural changes. 

“TELUS Health is a company rooted in social purpose,” Dingle says. “Among the highest social purpose is delivering on the promise of healthcare, wellness and preventative health for Canadian employers and employees.”

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