Vancouver’s First Medical Marijuana Pizzeria

An enterprising cancer survivor creates a pizza joint for licensed medical marijuana users

Mega ill Pizzeria owner Mark Klokeid is a survivor of bone-marrow cancer, and he believes a large part of his pulling through is due to the use of medical marijuana. Now Klokeid wants to provide a communal place where federal exemptees like himself—individuals who are licensed to take medical marijuana—can safely medicate. 

The idea to open a pizzeria came to him while travelling the world, experiencing the drug culture from various countries. While he was in Cambodia he tried one of their Happy Pizzas (pizza garnished with cannabis), which gave him the idea to open a similar pizzeria back home in B.C.

Klokeid says that Mega ill is like any other pizzeria out there and that it serves regular, pot-free pizzas to 99 per cent of its customers. However, for anyone licensed to take medical marijuana, he offers to “medicate” their pizza with medicinal marijuana-infused olive oil for a fee of $10.