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Wellness a Key Ingredient to Success

BCBusiness + GroupHealth Benefit Solutions Employees excited about their roles contribute to the bottom line


BCBusiness + GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions

GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions has created innovative benefit services that have helped to spark growth

Employees excited about their roles contribute to the bottom line

Talk to anyone at GroupHEALTH for more than a few minutes and it becomes clear that this third-party group insurance provider (one of the largest in Canada, in fact) is driven by a corporate culture that encourages staff to participate in exercise and wellness activities. 

And if they’re not exercising, they’re promoting healthy living, as well as  learning about new aspects of wellness. 

It’s a classic case of walking the walk as well as talking the talk. GroupHEALTH, which began as a home-based group insurance broker, offers groundbreaking coverage (including employee wellness services along with extended health, life and disability coverage), plan designs and administration solutions that put Canadian businesses back in control of their benefits. So it follows that its 500-strong staff members are at the top of their game—and pursuing a healthy lifestyle is one way to maintain their energy and productivity.

Health and wellness has also helped GroupHEALTH change the image of benefit companies and create truly innovative services for its clients. 

“To take just one example of how we do things differently, our certified Advisor Partners analyze the performance of our clients’ benefit plans to uncover savings and efficiencies and suggest strategies that give them more control,” CEO Matt Houghton says of the firm that was founded in Prince George in 1982.

It was Houghton who inspired his company’s health culture when he started working out at Innovative Fitness. Others couldn’t help but notice the results. 

Valentina Araneda, GroupHEALTH‘s CFO, says: “I started going to Innovative Fitness after Matt achieved such impressive results, and then other staff members did. A team of employees works out together on a weekly basis now. We’re increasingly incorporating employee wellness services into benefits that we provide clients because we believe people are the most valuable asset of any company. We know that healthy people are happier, more productive and more engaged.”

GroupHEALTH’s focus on healthy living is even reflected in its Employee Wellness coverage. Its employee and family assistance program is leading the way in the industry because GroupHEALTH gives employees access to the support they need not only for critical health issues but for day-to-day lifestyle tips.

A unique addition to a benefits plan is GroupHEALTH‘s Health Wellness Account, whereby employees can access wellness practitioners and services. Also under the Employee Wellness umbrella, employees receive practical information about how to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, delivered right to their email inbox.

Houghton says: “Our culture, combined with our use of technology, makes us a virtual carrier that provides all the services of a traditional insurer faster, cheaper and better. We’ve got the best and brightest players who are excited about what they’re doing and, as a result, we do more business in a year than many insurers do in five.”

Unsurprisingly, Houghton’s future goal for GroupHEALTH is to maintain its healthy course. 

“We’ve enjoyed tremendous growth in the past five years. With offices as far away as Ontario and clients in everything from trucking and commuity services to public utilities, we’re proud to support an estimated half-million Canadians and their families—and we intend to expand our capabilities for the benefit of new clients.”

Created by BCBusiness in partnership with GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions