B.C.’s Most Loved Brands: #4 White Spot

White Spot Restaurants is B.C.’s #4 most-loved brand according to an inaugural poll conducted by Ipsos North America in partnership with BCBusiness and unveiled on Feb. 12. BCBusiness spoke with White Spot VP Marketing Cathy Tostenson about the brand tenets of comfort, trust and heritage that the company is building its 86-year-old business on.

In a downtown Vancouver hotel conference room packed with almost 100 senior marketers and CMOs, Ipsos’s executive vice-president and the man behind the study Michael Rodenburgh analyzed the factors that combine to create a loved brand in B.C. He did so with high drama, counting down from No. 10 and diving deep into how each brand scored across the eight metrics used to measure a consumer’s advocacy towards a brand.

These were:

– A brand that I’m likely to interact with
– A brand that I trust
– A brand that I identify with
– A brand that is socially responsible
– A brand that makes a positive contribution to B.C.
– A brand that I see everywhere
– A brand that is an innovator
– A brand that is unique

“This is a company that served 17 million customer—so many of them British Columbians,” said Rodenburgh. “White Spot is another example of the B.C. companies on our list that proves that heritage and durability through the years contribute to consumer trust and confidence.” He noted that this feeling of familiarity and quality towards the brand is very high, given the fact that many people surveyed equated the restaurant with their own experience in B.C.

The company overindexed consistently in the “I’m likely to interact with this brand” category, as well as being identifed with by consumers and in ubiquity and a sense of being seen everywhere.

The Top 10 brands ranked in the following order:

1) London Drugs 
2) WestJet Airlines 
3) Save-On-Foods
4) White Spot 
5) Sun-Rype
6) Vancouver Canucks 
7) BC Hydro
8) The Keg 
10) Chevron

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