Getting creative in a pandemic: Electric Bicycle Brewing cleans up nicely

The brewery is moving to selling sanitizer and disinfectant.

The brewery is moving to selling sanitizer and disinfectant

You can’t have a beer in Electric Bicycle Brewing‘s colourful tasting room right now, but the brewery hasn’t shuttered operations. Besides opening an online store where customers can grab hazy pale ales and IPAs, the East Vancouver outfit has pivoted to making sanitizer and disinfectant for sale.

Its new product, dubbed CanEtha Clean, is available in 375-millilitre bottles for $8.33. There’s also a 20-litre option.

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??????Disinfectant Available tomorrow in the tasting room! Don’t worry, we still have lots of beer too. More info below. . . It’s an unsettling time in the world and as a small business just coming up to it’s second anniversary the unknowns bring another level of uncertainty moving forward, with everything that is going on we wanted to do something that could bring value to our community, support our staff, our supply partners, our customers and help keep the lights on. We’re grateful that Health Canada has fast tracked our ability to bring a sanitizer to market and we’re hopeful that this won’t become a long term product offering. Turning this project around so quickly is a testament to our amazing staff, unreal supply partners, and our overwhelming desire to ensure the beer keeps flowing after this is all over. We’ve repurposed some extra packaging from one of our suppliers to bring a 375ml bottle of all purpose cleaning alcohol to market. The bottle has a flat cap but can accept a standard spray nozzle from any of your other bottles. We are also offering a 20L pale to help our partners that are currently searching for bulk sanitizer. If you’re looking for a case of bottles or a pale we’ve setup a new email: – please send your inquiry to us there. 375ml bottles will be available at our brewery take out window along with to-go beers this weekend. This product had to be hand assembled and we’re looking to recoup our costs so each bottle is $8.33 – It should last you quite a while to spray down hard surfaces and things you touch a lot. Please maintain social distancing when coming down to the brewery. Currently we have a 2 bottle limit per order and will be working through the weekend to ensure we have more on the way. Thank you to everyone who has been ordering delivery beers, picking up to-go’s and sending positive vibes. Stay safe.

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According to the brewery, Health Canada fast-tracked its “ability to bring a sanitizer to market, and were hopeful that this won’t become a long-term product offering.”

Electric Bicycle has set up an email contact for anyone interested in buying the new product.

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