Gulf Islands Brewing becomes first unionized craft brewery in B.C.

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Brotherhood of Beer. Employees, including three production staff and five part-time staff in the tasting room at Gulf Islands Brewing have voted to join the Brewery, Winery and Distillery union. Under a new deal, the owners of the brewery will add more equipment to the brewing facility and top up MSP premiums for employees. (CBC)
Uniforms and fashion. Antithetical, right? Maybe not, according to a new exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, entitled “Uniformity.” (New York Times)
“I want it to feel more jazzy.” How do you avoid wasting countless hours trying to meet a client’s capricious directives? Julius Ingemann Breitenstein, a recent graduate in product design from Central St. Martins in London, came up with an algorithm that addresses the inefficiencies in the designer-client process. He calls his machine the Unpaid Intern. (Fast-Co-Design)
Find work you love, we are told. But what if the dream job never happens? Can you learn to love the mediocre job you have? (Psychology Today)
Complex problem, diverse answers. A series of high-profile discrimination lawsuits over the past decade have prompted Wall Street firms to make efforts to improve diversity. But equality is not improving in financial services or elsewhere. Here’s why. (Harvard Business Review)