MRG Group is taking a shot at livening up Vancouver’s nightlife with Par-Tee Putt Golf

The mini-golf-in-a-bar concept, which has been successful in Toronto, is coming to B.C.

Vancouver nightlife

Credit: MRG Group

The mini-golf-in-a-bar concept, which has been successful in Ontario, is coming to B.C.

Generally speaking, we aren’t in the category of people who relish in calling Vancouver “No Fun City,” but it’s hard to disagree with the fact that the town has a disappointing dearth of watering holes in which patrons can actively do things other than, you know, drink. Lately, that’s changed just a little bit. 

Bars like The American and Good Co. (formerly Colony) offer activities such as bocce and mini basketball, and there’s Rec Room, a concept originally founded in Edmonton that made its way just across Boundary to a massive building with a rather aggressive name in the Amazing Brentwood. 

The arrival of Vancouver’s first indoor mini golf bar continues that trend. Toronto-based MRG Group, which manages many of Vancouver’s well-known clubs and bars, is opening Par-Tee Putt above downtown’s Dublin Calling. 

The concept also has locations in Toronto and Ottawa and will feature 18 themed holes, complete with city landmarks like Science World and the Lions Gate Bridge. There will also be holes that pay homage to classic films like Jaws and Caddyshack.

“I think people are looking for more active things to do,” says Adam Vickers, MRG’s Vancouver-based sales and development manager who spearheaded the Par-Tee Putt concept. “Things are shifting a bit when it comes to the nature of nightlife. You see a lot of clubs closing down—people are looking for something a little extra. I think this resonates with people because it provides a fun activity. You can go out in a group or on a first date and have that thing to do while getting to know someone.” 

Obviously, one of Vancouver’s main attractions is its natural beauty, but—like it or not—we’re heading into some wet days. “Historically in Vancouver when you want to do something, you go outside,” Vickers argues. “But when it’s raining 10 months a year, it’s nice to have an opportunity to do something when it’s dark and cold.”

MRG’s active summer in Vancouver comes with a sigh of relief for the company. It’s already produced massive events like Khatsalano and has the Shipyards Festival in North Vancouver as well as neighbourhood Car Free Days on the docket. 

“Finally getting that green light to go ahead and do things has been awesome,” notes Vickers. He’s equally thrilled about Par-Tee Putt, which in addition to golf has a weekend dance floor and DJ booth, 20 high-definition TVs to watch sports games and weekly trivia nights. “We’re so excited to bring this to Vancouver and be able to provide shareable experiences.”

Par-Tee Putt opens to the public on Monday, September 12.