Power Lunch: Victoria’s North 48

North 48 | BCBusiness
Take a culinary journey with dishes and drinks from the Deep South, Asia and England.

From diner food to Belgian bistro to Japanese izakaya, North 48 offers an eclectic menu with something for everyone

The restaurant formerly known as The Black Hat Bistro has kept some of the look and feel of the old place, but North 48 has significantly broadened its palette, with influences ranging from the American Deep South (fried chicken and waffles is one classic example) to the street foods of Seoul and Beijing, where chef Sam Chalmers travels regularly.

The drinks menu also finds inspiration from all over, with a wide array of tiki cocktails alongside some British-inspired standards, including the Angel Islington, named for a district of Central London.

While Chalmers’s wanderlust pervades the menu at the family-owned and –operated restaurant, ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible—including the decor. The sturdy wooden tables were salvaged from the building’s original early-1900s ceiling joists and the light fixtures are made of Canadian pine-beetle spruce (northfortyeight.com). •

Best Table
Get yourself a seat a couple of steps to the right from the door for prime people-watching opportunities, as well as a panorama of the street outside.

Drink Up 
The dedication to handcrafted ingredients in the kitchen extends to the bar. The flavoured spirits used in North 48’s cocktails are all infused on-site.

Must-Try Order
The Bibimbap, a bowl of pickled vegetables, kimchi and fried egg on rice, is as fun to eat as it is to say. Bring a breath mint.

Insider Tip
Try the condiments. Everything—even the mayo and ketchup—is made in-house.