Small Business Lessons: Collaboration is a special sauce for DownLow Chicken’s Doug Stephen

For our Small Business issue, we asked 14 B.C. businesses how they're surviving in this economy. Here's one of them

Doug Stephen, co-owner of East Vancouver restaurant DownLow Chicken Shack (and its offshoots, including Vennie’s Sub Shop and DownLow Burgers) is all about embracing the community, even when it’s also the competition. We took a look at some of the restaurant’s many local collaborations that work to boost the profile of all participants.

Juke Fried Chicken

COLLAB: An all-day cookout at New Westminster brewery Steel and Oak, including items like the Juke’N on the DL Chicken Sando

Callister Brewing

COLLAB: A sweet tea and lemonade made by DL and packaged by Callister

Sunday Pies Pizza Co.

COLLAB: A 10-day pizza pop-up by Stephen and Vancouver food industry vet Colin Staus at Strathcona’s Luppolo Brewing

Top Rope Birria

COLLAB: The Quesa-Hot Chicken Taco


COLLAB: The Hot Chicken Pizza

Lee’s Donuts

COLLAB: Lee’s Honey Dip Fried Chicken Sando and Honey Dip Bacon Burger

Pizza Coming Soon

COLLAB: The Pork Tonkatsu Sando

Beaucoup Bakery

COLLAB: The Fried Chicken Crois-Sando