Social Cues: How Good Side Pastry uses digital marketing to make dough

Victoria-based Good Side Pastry House feeds Instagram followers with mouth-watering baked goods and photography to match

Quick Rising

A behind-the-scenes timelapse of the bakery’s coffee and dulcey tarts shows off the artistry of the pastry chef and is very satisfying to behold—viewers are tempted to watch the entire video to see the end result.

Cake Walk

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Good Side makes the most of their beautiful products, sharing plenty of well-lit, high-resolution photos that capture the dainty details of their tasty work.



Save for Later

The company uses Instagram’s story highlights function to save their monthly menu at the top of their profile, so curious foodies can easily tap through to see what is (or was) on offer. It’s an info-heavy snapshot that’s accessible and clear.