Social Cues: How Superflux is using social media to expand its reach

Our new column profiles some marketing lessons from the best in the game

Vancouver-based Superflux’s Instagram is bright, bold and not-too-serious: a perfect representation of the beer company’s brand. Hop to it.

Neon colours, clean geometry and funky squiggles are hallmarks of Superflux labels. This simple but beautiful snapshot is a 360-degree celebration of design—it’s just one example of the elegant product photos the brewery regularly posts.

User-generated content (UGC) is the ultimate social media manager hack: use content created by your audience to build awesome posts. This screenshot of a humble hot dog-focused email earned a 3.3-percent engagement rate. (That’s excellent for an account with over 23,000 followers.)

A joint venture with Pepino’s Spaghetti House extended Superflux’s reach significantly: this collab post appeared on the follower feeds of both the restaurant and the beer company. The classy rodent cartoon doesn’t hurt, either.