5 new spectacles at the PNE

Unbelievable: A Magical Experience is a showcase of performers from around the world, including Canadian illusionists Murray Hatfield and Teresa, American comedian and magician Matt Marcy, U.K. escape artist Scott Pepper and Chinese master of manipulation Juliana Chen.

This exhibit explores the art and science behind the popular Angry Birds and gives visitors the chance to wander a Lazer Maze, scale a Climbing Wall and zipline into enormous foam structures.

The SuperDogs have a new show this year, featuring their own rock and roll band, Three Directions.

Alien Worlds and Androids is an introduction to the cutting-edge science taking place now at organizations like NASA. The exhibit explores questions like, How close are we to discovering alien life?

Congratulations! You made it through the fair. Now you can relax at the Craft Beer Fest, which features up to 50 local craft breweries.