5 of B.C.’s best craft brew pubs

Whether in town or on the road, stop by a brew pub for a Blackberry Bourbon Ale, Toasted Hazelnut Amber Ale, Midnight Hopmare Black IPA or just a plain lager

Truck Stop
Red Truck Brewing’s Truck Stop is like a theme park for the 19-plus crowd, with larger-than-life wrenches as door handles and black rubber tires as bathroom sinks. The kitchen gives an upscale treatment to diner faves like chicken schnitzel and Reuben sandwich, and live music is frequent. Located near Main and East First Avenue, the ground zero of Vancouver’s craft brewery scene, Red Truck is a stop on Wildside’s hop on, hop off bus tour, which also takes beer buffs to Off the Rails, Strange Fellows, Bomber Brewing, Main Street Brewing Company, Parallel 49 and more.

Howe Sound Brewing
We all need a stopover on the way up (or down) from Whistler, and here it is. The menu at Squamish’s Howe Sound Brewing suggests a beer pairing for every menu item, but the view goes well with any brew.

Canoe Brewpub
Numerous times named Victoria’s best patio, Canoe Brewpub is located in the emerging design district and features views of the Inner Harbour. When the fall sets in, the rustic brick and timber frame interior beckons, along with live music and lots and lots of beer.

Bad Tattoo Brewing
Penticton: it’s not just for oenophiles! With craft brews such as Midnight Hopmare Black IPA and Waes Hael (inspired by the old Nordic and English tradition of Wassailing), Bad Tattoo Brewing is ready to change the way you think of the Okanagan. The rock oven pizza is making its mark as well—it’s already been named the best pizza in town.

Postmark Brewing
Postmark Brewing shares space with the Belgard Kitchen in the 90-year-old warehouse known as the Settlement Building, which is in itself worth the trek to Vancouver’s Railtown. The high ceilings, Douglas fir beams, barrels-as-decor and magnificent fireplace will transport you to another place, if the array of craft brews (IPA, raspberry, blonde, stout, ISA, etc.) hasn’t already done so.