On Trend: B.C.-made soy candles have a bright future

From the Okanagan to Vancouver Island, local candlemakers are making soy their wax of choice.

Mala the Brand

From seasonal fragrances to wildlife-friendly flares, these cleaner-burning offerings from local artisans are lit

Better times are coming, and we can just smell it. Soy is now a go-to wax for candlemakers because it burns cleaner and longer than paraffin–and wipes up with soap and water. Here are some of the sustainability-minded B.C. artisans lighting the way.

Known for its signature black lids, Okanagan Candle Co. sells hand-poured soy candles with custom labels—perfect for giving to clients and colleagues. The Kelowna-based outfit’s seasonal fragrances include Bloom, Dock, Campfire and Fall.

Victoria’s Van Isle Candle Co. pours its soy candles into smart-looking cement holders that can live on as plant pots or pencil holders. Other artisans, such as Vancouver-based Mala the Brand and Salt Spring Island Candle Co., opt for reusable tins. Lit Soy Candles in Victoria uses vegan fragrance oils and crackling wood wicks, while some offerings from Langley’s The 6th Scent Candle have a choice of wood or cotton.

WestEndWicks didn’t let COVID clip its wings after launching on Etsy last year. For each handmade soy candle sold from the Birds of Vancouver collection, whose avian roster includes the eagle, crow and hummingbird, $1 goes to the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC