Delta-based cannabis producer Pure Sunfarms partners with local businesses on innovative holiday gifts

The company has partnered with a couple of Vancouver shops to spread Christmas cheer.

Pure Sunfarms

The company has partnered with a couple of Vancouver shops to spread Christmas cheer 

Other than the obligatory pre-rolls and cannabis gummies you grab for your siblings, it can be pretty easy to write off cannabis companies for gift ideas.  

That’s not the case with Pure Sunfarms, which has made a habit of accentuating its natural and pure B.C. bud with merch like comfy sweaters and gingerbread house kits. This year, the Delta-based company is linking up with a couple of Vancouver businesses to produce some non-mind altering products that still promise to help you in your cannabis journey.  

“For the holidays, we sought out some local creatives who align with our brand and values and worked with them collaboratively to bring some festive goods to life to sell on Pure Sunfarms Marketplace,” Maria Guest, VP of brand, says about the company’s online e-commerce platform. “Our Marketplace is all about partnering with makers to support the community where we grow and work.” 

To that end, Pure Sunfarms entered into a partnership with Vancouver bakery Small Victory, in which the latter made sugar cookies inspired by Pure Sunfarms’ Sugar Cookies strain. The cookies are light and buttery and come with six in a box for $12.

Pure SunfarmsThe company also struck up a deal with Strathcona’s Dougherty Glassworks to produce an emerald glass tray that was blown and molded by hand.  

So, like we said, pot adjacent, but a whole lot more, um, distinguished, than what you’d usually see.