Growing Legal: Six organizations ready to take advantage of cannabis legalization

Pot legalization would be a boon for these B.C. companies


B.C. is chock-full of players just waiting for the federal government to give marijuana the (green) thumbs up

It’s easy to see how the cannabis market has exploded in the past few years—just look at the stock of an industry leader. In May 2014, Aurora Cannabis, with offices in Toronto and Vancouver, was trading at about three cents a share. Four years later, it was hovering around eight bucks. 

When Canada’s favourite plant does go legit in October, a bevy of B.C. companies and organizations are poised to take advantage, some in ways you might not expect.

CannaChain Technologies (with DMG Blockchain Solutions)

Launched: 2018
What it’s rolling out:Because blockchain is everywhere all the time, proponents of the online ledger are already getting in on the cannabis game. Vancouver’s DMG Blockchain Solutions is developing CannaChain as an e-commerce marketplace and supply-chain management system. CannaChain intends to give consumers total transparency and quality assurances by tracking product from licensed growers all the way to the store. The system also aims to ensure adherence to Health Canada’s reporting requirements.


Based: Vancouver
Launched: 2018
What it’s rolling out: The Choom Gang was a group of friends, including former U.S. president Barack Obama, who smoked cannabis in Honolulu in the 1970s. The locals called the plant choom, hence the name. Now, Chris Bogart, co-founder of biomedical outfit InMed Pharmaceuticals, is bringing the spirit of Hawaii to B.C. Choom, which grows “hand-crafted cannabis,” has four facilities in the works. Its growing operations in Chemainus and Vernon should be ready to go by this fall, just in time (well, maybe) for legalization.

Craft Cannabis Association of BC

Based: Vancouver
Launched: 2017
What it’s rolling out: The CCABC represents craft cannabis growers. No one is going to wait around for years for a craft pot scene to emerge like it did for beer. It’s going to happen right away, and growers are already experimenting with strains. Think beers are too fruity these days? Just wait. Soon you might be enjoying a mango-infused joint or a blueberry-laced bong hit.

Dunlop Technologies

Based: Lantzville
Launched: 2016
What it’s rolling out: Dunlop, which develops and manufactures LED technology, has turned its attention to horticulture lighting with an eye toward impending marijuana legalization. The company claims to make the best LED grow lights on the market, and they aren’t cheap: its two main models come in at $625 and $965, respectively.

Invictus MD Strategies

Based: Vancouver
Launched: 2014
What it’s rolling out: Come legalization, companies that simply grow and sell cannabis will need to differentiate themselves in some way. Invictus was one of the first names on the scene, incorporating four years ago and branding itself “Canada’s cannabis company.” That apparently wasn’t enough to separate the business from its competitors, so earlier this year Invictus appointed rock-‘n’-roller Gene Simmons as its chief evangelist officer. Simmons, a loud voice against drug and alcohol use, has recently come around to the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Think Tank Automation

Based: Vancouver
Launched: 2017
What it’s rolling out: Think Tank is a nutrient formulator and irrigation system that automatically gives buds a set dose of water and other elements they need to grow. This allows large-scale producers to easily manage a wealth of plants. It’s also a boon for the craft cannabis market because you can swap out ingredients to produce different strains.