On Trend: Soak in the hot trend of cold plunges

These B.C. businesses want you to chill out.

Credit: Ritual Nordic Spa

These B.C. businesses want you to chill out

? Conscious Cold

Cold plunges are making a big splash in the wellness world. Take Victoria’s Ritual Nordic Spa, for example—its two-hour Nordic Circuit (with sauna, steam, cold plunges and more) adds a modern twist to the “age-old” practice of hot/cold therapy. Its sessions are $59/person midweek or $69 on weekends and holidays, with memberships offering access to the circuit four times a month for $184.

? Mindful Immersion

During a brief stint in Scandinavia, Emily and Tristan Jenkins fell in love with Nordic sauna culture. After returning to B.C., they launched AIKA, “Sea to Sky’s first and only private spa experience,” to deliver hot/cold therapy services (mind- fully) at its Squamish Valley and Creekside locations, and through its portable mobile spa. Pick AIKA‘s three-hour “hold-cold-rest-repeat” cycle to relax and balance your nervous system or choose from the company’s various passes and memberships for other private and social experiences.

? Frosted Flow

All you need for a hot/cold therapy appointment at Vancouver’s Float House is a towel and water bottle. Although the company specializes in floats, if you’re near Gastown, you can drop in for a 60-minute session for $75, or you can purchase one of its package or membership deals. Float House promotes “meditation, creativity and recovery” through a host of offerings, with additional outfits in Victoria and Edmonton.