On Trend: These B.C. companies are getting in the groove of making psychedelic products

A roundup of mind-altering products to get psyched about.

Ground Sounds

Credit: Ground Sounds

A roundup of mind-altering products to get psyched about

■ Fun Guys

Picture this: two guys who love magic mushrooms start an online dispensary in 2020. Their business blossoms into Vancouver’s Shroom Bros, backed by a team of mycologists and cultivators making dried shrooms, microdose capsules, magic chocolates and more. Despite offerings like Monster Penis Envy and Jedi Mind Fuck, it’s the Golden Teacher mushrooms—which’ll set you back $80–120 and promise to “teach you something profound”— that remains one of their most popular products.

■ From the Ground Up

In challenging the stigma around psychedelics, Ground Sounds aims to help people heal without shame. The Vancouver-based, women-led company grows its ingredients in Nelson and specializes in low-, medium- and high-dose psilocybin capsule blends for specific experiences. Grab Champion Lover if your stamina needs a boost or Super Freak if you want to chill. These capsule packs are vegan, compostable and clock in around the $60–90 range.

■ Psy-kick

Sunset City is a well-loved player in Vancouver’s nootropics space. The online business delivers psychedelic products to be used as antidepressants or for creative and spiritual enhancement. Its shrooms, which apparently “love listening to music,” are organic, B.C. grown and come in many forms, from whole mushrooms to freezies, cacao bars and powder mixes. Goodies here go anywhere from $30–200.