Put down that e-cig: B.C. says no to vaping at work

Stop vaping at work and Jimmy Pattison’s (possible) new gig

E-cig rules
You will no longer be allowed to vape in your office in B.C. thanks to new rules introduced Thursday by the provincial Ministry of Health. To be clear, that means all e-cigarettes, regardless of whether or not they contain tobacco. The amendments to the Tobacco Control Act will also bar retailers from selling and advertising e-cigarettes to anyone under 19. Like cigarettes, e-cigs will also be prohibited in public buildings and schools.

Work, increasingly, sucks
Job quality in Canada is at a record low, according to a new CIBC survey. That means more part-time jobs, more self-employed workers (freelancers make less than their salaried colleagues), and lower paid full-time jobs. But it isn’t all bad news for B.C., which led the rest of the country with a 6 per cent increase in CIBC’s measure for quality—a composite of pay and more full-time workers—while the Praires and Ontario all saw declines.

Pattison on TransLink
Amidst the flurry of concerns that TransLink “won’t be held accountable” if the “Yes” side wins, the mayors have signed a high-profile new ally. Jimmy Pattison will head up a committee that will issue annual reports on TransLink spending—on the condition the 0.5 per cent tax increase is approved. You can read more here.