Redefining Cannabis Industry Standards


BCBusiness + Canivate Growing Systems

Credit: Canivate Growing Systems Ltd.

Canivate is focused on establishing clean, green and pure cultivation for cannabis and hemp products

Canivate’s innovative technology is positioned to disrupt the cannabis and hemp industries

The cannabis industry went from black market to grey market to today: an open medical and recreational market. As the sector grows, it continues to have systemic legacy problems that require immediate attention.

Traditional indoor and greenhouse cultivation faces serious challenges such as inconsistent quality, crop drift and the threat of toxins such as mold and mildew. Many companies use irradiation, a process of exposing the crop to radiation to control these and other pathogens. There are substantial concerns regarding their large environmental footprint—from the stress being put on the electrical infrastructure to the water needed to grow the plants. Not only is it costly, but it is also harmful to the planet.

Addressing these fundamental issues is Vancouver’s Canivate Growing Systems Ltd. Its strategy is to disrupt the cannabis and hemp industries with a proprietary facility design, housed in a fully sealed environment, that does not require irradiation. Canivate is focused on establishing clean, green and pure cultivation for cannabis and hemp products in Canada, the U.S. and, eventually, globally.

“Traditionally, there have been three ways of cannabis cultivation: outdoor, indoor and greenhouse,” says Ingo Mueller, CEO, Canivate Growing Systems Ltd. “We have identified a fourth way: The Canivate Way. It addresses the challenges facing the industry—from concerns about toxins to a need to substantially decrease its environmental impact. It is also expected to increase the per-square-foot crop yield and significantly lower the operating costs of a cultivation facility.”

Canivate has a unique strategy. Before deciding on a location, it identifies a licensee that will manage the facility—using Canivate’s proprietary growing system. The company also works to facilitate signed contracts for the cultivator—an independent commercial cultivation company that works with the licensee—with the objective of ensuring that each facility will be profitable before putting a shovel into the ground.

Canivate is an IP/technology company—it never touches the plant but provide the specially designed facility and growing system—allowing cultivators to increase crop yield, maintain consistent quality, decrease costs and lessen the environmental impact.

To date, industry leaders in California—the largest cannabis market in the U.S.—have recognized the business value of The Canivate Way. The licensee for Canivate’s first facility in southern California, which is expected to be operational in late 2020, has an agreement in place with several of the state’s top brands.

Mueller says: “We started from a foundation that all cultivation must be clean, green and pure—and that is what our proprietary facility design and growing system is focused on delivering. We are providing what the industry is calling for: a better way to cultivate cannabis and hemp.”

Created by BCBusiness in partnership with Canivate Growing Systems Ltd.