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Staying on Top Takes Balance


BCBusiness Innovative Fitness

Personal training can help you commit to the fitness goals that might otherwise slip off the agenda

Whether you run your own business or work for an established firm, chances are the worklife balance scale tilts more toward one side than the other.

There’s no 9-to-5 anymore for driven business professionals; typically, they’re working in the corners of the day, being pulled in multiple directions. Some might have their time-pressed even more with family commitments and kids’ activities.

Reaching a pinnacle of success is exhilarating, but maintaining a breakneck pace throughout the peak earning years can be immensely stressful. With so many demands, it’s common for people to neglect exercise. Work and family commitments come first; taking care of our health tends to come last.

That’s where Innovative Fitness comes in. The premium personal-training company works with everyone from executives and business leaders to retired professionals and working parents to help them perform better in life through custom private or semi-private training sessions. Results include intangibles like better sleep, more energy, and a greater handle on stress so people can enjoy a longer, healthier life.

With more than 20 years’ experience and 12 locations, Innovative Fitness (IF) has more than 200 qualified professional training coaches on its team and services over 4,000 executive-level clients, more than any other personal-training company in North America.

Its approach is not about fads or quick fixes but rather building relationships and customizing workout programs to fit a person’s goals, needs and interests. Scheduling in personal training sessions provides the accountability piece that helps people stick to a fitness regime.

“Life is busier than it’s ever been,” says Curtis Christopherson, Innovative Fitness president and CEO. “We take our work home with us. It can be overwhelming.

“Time and again we see the ‘myth of more’: people working all their life to establish a certain level of success but making significant sacrifices along the way,” he says. “The challenge is that you can’t enjoy your wealth if you don’t have your health.”

Just as business coaching is a growing trend, fitness coaching is another way of turning to outside experts to help you define and reach your objectives. The only difference is that these goals relate to your most important business asset: yourself.

Beyond the physical benefits of exercise, such as a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, are positive psychological and mental effects: you’re more productive, focused, clear-minded, calm and alert. Regular, effective fitness training also boosts mood. Combined, these factors help improve your professional performance as well as how you feel overall when you’re outside work, spending time with your family and friends.

IF specializes in high-level, executive-style coaching with concierge service in a private, members-only studio. Typically, clients train with IF for one hour two to three times a week; many have been with the company for years.

Unlike a conventional gym, which might have lineups, poor lighting, lack of cleanliness and loud music, IF’s studios are luxurious, modern and bright. Its coaches have extensive education and training, ranging from kinesiology degrees to nutrition and sport-specific certifications. Workout sessions are akin to a doctor’s appointment: 24-hour cancellation notice is required.

While IF helps ensure accountability, it’s clients who bring the motivation—the why behind the workout.

“The incentive could be walking painfree; it could be being able to pick up your grandkids,” Christopherson says. “It’s individual. For some people, it’s doing events they never thought possible, like running a marathon.

“Especially in your highest income-earning years, you want to be at the top of your game, physically and mentally,” he adds. “Then you can truly enjoy your wealth and time with loved ones. I feel excited and proud of the fact that my company and myself are helping people be healthy and high-performing.”

Created by BCBusiness in partnership with Innovative Fitness