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Why Revive is the Uber of Wellness

Vancouver startup Revive takes massage therapy to its clients, wherever they may be

Click of a Button
It’s as simple as ordering food delivery. Customers download the Revive app from the Apple Store or Google Play and create an account. Then they select an appointment time, choosing from Swedish, deep-tissue, prenatal or senior-specialized massage–performed by a skilled, security-screened, body worker or registered massage therapist (RMT).

But the best part? You can be lying on a massage table in as little as an hour. You can’t get that kind of spontaneity with a spa or clinic.

“Our clients love it because it’s quick, and it’s in the comfort of their own home, or the office, or the gym or the hospital–or wherever they happen to be,” says Bradshaw.

Revive is the only mobile-massage service in Vancouver to offer RMTs, whose services are typically covered by extended health plans. Prices are on par with clinics, at $99 for 60 minutes, $139 for 90 minutes $169 for 120 minutes; gratuity included. Customers’ credit cards aren’t charged until the confirmation comes through.

Revive Yourself
On the typical Revive appointment, the body worker or RMT arrives promptly at the appointed location, armed with the customer’s choice of massage table or chair, and fresh linens. After a brief introduction, he or she sets up quickly and unobtrusively.

“They’re very good about being quiet, which is great if it’s naptime,” says Bradshaw, who has used the service herself while her young son was sleeping. After a short conversation about the customer’s areas of concern, and selection of oils and music, it’s on to the treatment.

“Afterward, they fold up the table and in a matter of seconds they leave,” says Bradshaw. “No cash exchanged, no credit card, no awkwardness, no tipping, no lingering, no chitchat. It’s just ‘peace out.’”

The Birth of Revive
Bradshaw, formerly a corporate headhunter, co-founded Revive in late 2015 with Vancouver entrepreneur Charlie Ritchie, with seed capital from Victory Square and Stanley Park Ventures. They’ve since expanded to Seattle, Los Angeles, Calgary and Edmonton, and they’ll be in Toronto by the end of June.

“We saw a gap in the market for instant gratification,” says Bradshaw. “You can get DoorDash [food delivery], you can get Uber–why can’t you get a foot massage?” As a working mom, she also loved the idea of slipping a massage into her day without the need for a babysitter or major schedule interruption. “I became a mom and suddenly convenience became so much more important,” she says.

The Fans
Revive has proven popular with everyone from mothers and marathon runners to tightly scheduled businesspeople. Plus, personal trainers and medical professionals are recommending it to help with recovery from injury and medical procedures. After all, nobody wants to leave home when they’re injured or uncomfortable. As Bradshaw says: “If you can’t move your head or you’re in severe pain, do you really want to drive to a clinic or spa? With Revive, you click a few buttons and someone comes to your house and fixes your neck. It’s brilliant.”

Download the Revive app and use the code “REVIVEME” until the end of July for $25 off.